Hire A Talent

Ameinri maintains a pool of skilled workers and professional who have undergone pre-selection process and rigid testing requirements. Upon the receipt of job orders from principals, the potential reservists are notified. If there are no available qualified candidates for the open jobs, the company goes for direct hiring and placement of “Wants Ads” in the newspapers.

The company maintains its corporate integrity by undertaking necessary steps to ensure that only those who are intellectually, physically and psychologically competent worker are sent abroad. Every single worker or professional that Ameinri deploys for overseas job goes through strict screening and evaluation process, which consist of preliminary interviews, medical examination and trade test, Trade test are conducted in collaboration with testing centers duly accredited by POEA and other government accredited hospitals, medical clinics and foreign embassies, as well.

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    Requirements for Accreditation of Foreign Principal

    As a prerequisite for recruitment of Filipino workers for deployment abroad, foreign principals must secure an accreditation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). To acquire one, several documents will be needed which will be used as basis for determining the authenticity and financial capability of the recruiting principal. The documents listed below must be duly authenticated by the Philippine Labor Attache stationed trereat or by the Chamber of Commerce of the principal’s country.

    1. Original copy of the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) appointing AMEINRI OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, INC. to be your lawful and legal agency in the Philippines duly signed by the authorized signatory of the company stamped by company seal.

    2. Original copy of Job Order/Manpower itemized by categories, salary scale, and total number of workers required.

    3. Original copy of Authenticated Worker’s Standard Employment Contract of your company.

    4. Recruitment Agreement between principal and the recruitment agency.

    5. Photocopy of your company’s Commercial Registration or Business License with attestation from Philippine Embassy and Passport of the authorized signatory of the company.